The unsubscribe rate sometimes represents the end of a relationship with the customer or prospect. Therefore, the value should be as low as possible. It reflects the proportion of unsubscribes in the newsletters delivered. Formally correct newsletters must always include the option to unsubscribe. But why do people unsubscribe from newsletters?

  • Boring content
  • Much too high frequency
  • Inbox is permanently overfilled
  • Subscription was only made in order to receive a voucher, for example, or was unconsciously clicked on during the ordering process.
  • Move

Pay close attention to the main reasons, namely content and frequency. Your communication with prospects and customers must be interesting. The customer must be curious about what you have to say. Do you really have something to say that interests the customer or do you just want to sell a product? And newsletters must not become spam e-mails. If you are constantly sending your customers emails, you are walking a fine line in terms of unsubscribe rates.

By the way, you should not make the unsubscription process artificially difficult. Instead, use a simple process, whereby you can also ask for the reasons for unsubscribing. Otherwise you run the risk of your newsletter actually being marked as spam and the reputation of your domain suffering.