The open rate is the percentage of recipients who open an email. The open rate is only counted once. So if you look at the same email several times, you do not increase the success rate. There are different ways to determine open rates:

Simple email marketing solutions contain a small graphic file that is not visible to the recipient. If this is called up, the e-mail has been opened. However, this method has as a basic prerequisite that the images are also retrieved. If a recipient has deactivated the reception of the images, the measurement comes to nothing. This is why more professional email marketing solutions also count clicks as part of the open rate.

However, the opening rate does not mean that the email has been read. That would be the read rate. It also says nothing about how long the recipient engaged with the content. A high read rate is a basic prerequisite that the read rate will also be good. Studies have shown that the opening rate depends to a large extent on the subject line of a newsletter.

Open rates vary greatly and also depend on the size of the mailing list. The more pointedly the target group is addressed, the higher the opening rates. The use of the familiar watering can therefore does not have a positive effect on opening rates.

Recipients initially only see the sender and the subject line in their inbox. The most beautiful pictures and the best design do not help here. You have to use these two features to make the email interesting enough for the recipient to open it. It is difficult to change the sender's mark, so the subject line must ensure that the email is perceived as interesting or eye-catching.  To do this, more and more companies are using emojis that stand out together with a short, concise subject line.