And for several reasons:

  1. Direct communication: with a newsletter, you can sneak it directly into your customers' inboxes and give them a little surprise. Don't worry, you don't need a sophisticated algorithm to decide whether they see your content or not. You'll land right in front of their eyes!
  2. High attention: Forget the constant distraction of cat pictures and funny memes on social media. In a newsletter, you have the full attention of your subscribers. They have voluntarily left their email address to hear from you. It's like an exclusive invitation to a party - only without the annoying dress code.
  3. Targeted approach: With a newsletter, you can address your target group exactly as they deserve it. No scattergun approach here! You can tailor your messages to specific segments and make sure they only reach those who are really interested. That way, your email won't be buried in the spam folder, but treated like a personal love letter.
  4. Control distribution: Social media can sometimes be as unpredictable as the weather in an English summer. But with a newsletter, you stay in control. No sudden changes in platform policies or mysterious algorithms hiding your content. You are the ruler of your own email domain!
  5. Deepen the relationship: With a newsletter, you can build a bond with your subscribers that's stronger than Velcro on steroids. You can give them useful tips, make them laugh and even make them feel like they belong to an exclusive club membership. Who needs a BFF when you can subscribe to a newsletter?
  6. Sales promotion: If you want to turn your subscribers into buyers, a newsletter is the secret tool in your arsenal. You can pack tempting offers, exclusive discounts and enticing content in your emails to ignite their desire to buy. Forget online shopping cart frustration! With a newsletter, sales are so hot they almost burn.
Overall, newsletters are like the charming entertainer in the world of marketing. They make people smile, make them listen attentively and even earn them a euro or two. If you use them wisely, they will help you add a wink to your social media strategy.