The Klickrate (Click-through rate) requires an action on the part of the recipient: Namely, the click. Anyone who clicks has certainly received the e-mail. Thus, one can also deduce a certain interest in the content of the newsletter. That is why the click rate is one of the most important key figures in newsletter marketing. Average click rates are given as 3 percent. The click rate increases with the accuracy of the content to the recipient of the e-mail. And here, too, the position and design of the call-to-action plays a very important role.

Make it easy for the recipient to click on a CtA (call-to-action). Place it visually, for example, above the image as well as the text content. And of course, the corresponding button should not be missing. The CtA thus represents a door opener. It should lead the recipient to the website where all further conversions take place (purchase, download, registration, contact).