Sure: We have over 25 years of experience, our own services and products that we promote and sell via the internet.  We know exactly how to do it. We know our customers. We know our cash cows. We know how to build consumer interest and deliver our goods. Good, we have everything under control. From a marketeer's point of view, at least.

Let's take a look at a highly competitive industry: the textile industry, for example. Most potential customers in this segment actually have everything they need. Nobody really needs the twentieth T-shirt in their wardrobe. Nevertheless, in the pre-Corona era, 70 billion euros were spent annually on fashion (incl. shoes) in Germany. Corona has intensified competition because the market has definitely shrunk. With or without the pandemic: the market is saturated. One classically speaks of a "red ocean". Accepting this for the time being is the most noble task of the marketeer. For the central challenge is not the consumer. In the Red Ocean, the competitive pressure is murderously high. It is a matter of beating the market competitors in the daily battle. To do this, you have to know their communication. And it often turns out that there are major deficits here. A systematic examination of the surrounding events is necessary.

Let's change perspective in email marketing. Let's look at the market from the consumer's point of view. The consumer does not only see my messages. Findings from market research recommend tracking the "customer journey", i.e. the path of the prospective customer to the customer on the basis of so-called touch points (all contacts of the potential customer that influence his cognitive or emotional perception of my offer). This is certainly not a wrong approach to secure one's own advertising measures. But it does not go far enough.

The central question is rather how others advertise. What are their messages? How do they design them? Which channels do they use and when are the messages sent?

Only with this knowledge can you design your own measures in such a way that they are well received and stand out from those of others.
The Admon service offers a customised overview of tens of thousands of commercial newsletters, broken down by industry and analysable according to time, content, design and technical criteria. It provides an indispensable basis for long-term analyses of competitive behaviour and as a decision-making basis for designing your own messages.