The use of newsletters is experiencing a real boom in the run-up to Christmas. Companies of all kinds are increasingly relying on this effective marketing strategy to attract the attention of their target group in the midst of the festive atmosphere. Here are some reasons why the use of newsletters is particularly popular before Christmas:

Festive offers and promotions
Companies use the Christmas period to present special offers and promotions. The newsletter is the perfect medium for communicating these exclusive deals directly to customers.

Gift ideas and inspiration
Companies entice their subscribers with creative gift ideas and inspiring content. The newsletter thus becomes a source of inspiration for the search for the perfect gift.

Countdowns and advent calendars
Excitement is generated by countdowns and digital advent calendars in which new surprises and offers are revealed every day. The newsletter becomes a daily point of contact for curious readers.

Customer loyalty through stories
The festive season offers an ideal opportunity to share stories, be it about employees, customers or special events. The newsletter becomes a link between the company and its customers.

Last-minute offers
In the hustle and bustle before the festive season, many companies rely on last-minute offers. The newsletter is the quickest way to inform customers about these last-minute deals.

The Christmas season is therefore not only a time for reflection, but also a peak period for the use of newsletters. Companies that take advantage of this opportunity can not only inspire their existing customers, but also attract new ones. Happy email marketing and a peaceful festive season!

Admon's newsletter figures for week 47 rose by over 35% compared to the previous week. The newsletter figures also remained at a very high level in the following week, week 48.